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that's me -- sasasasa...

so probably this is the part where i should introduce myself (at least a bit) so that everyone would know why it doesn't make sense to read on. and so – my name is bartek szurgot, but i'm usually referred to as 'basz'1) (pronounced the same as 'bash'). i was born somewhere back in XX century, yet still refuse to get older. i was born in in Poland and currently live in local IT-Hub – the city of Wrocław.

since early childhood i'm a bit addicted to spending my free time in front of a computer – though not more than 140h per week! i love abstract humor and don't bother much about number of ppl not getting it. ;)

among many things i'm interested in, the most important are:

  • computer security
  • 3D printing
  • digital electronics
  • computer networks
  • mobile robotics
  • artificial vision systems
  • good music (rock, metal, classical, chillout, etc…)

for my background one can download my CV. i can also be found here and there on the internet:

don't even bother to search me on any social networking pages – won't be there.

if you want to contact me please write to webmail@baszerr.eu. note that for sake of privacy i prefer to receive encrypted messages – please use my GPG public key for that.

concatenation of first letters of my name and surname.
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