some documents/articles that i think are interesting.

things i wrote

some articles/chapters i've wrote or was coauthor of.

my presentations

some publicly available presentations/materials from my past talks.

other resources

other interesting materials found on the net.

  • Optimizing software in C++ – very nice, free book (by Agner Fog) on software optimizations, that can be done in C++, for the modern hardware.
  • don't wake up the programmer – brilliant analogy to explain programmer's work to non-programmers and especially non-technical people.
  • open source and licensing – if (L)GPL is really so free? i had few chances in my life to see it is not.
  • the free lunch is over – interesting article written by Herb Sutter, dating back to 2005, explaining that multithread and multiprocessor software is an future for now on. releasing software that runs slow, thinking that CPUs will get fast enough in a year time, does not do the trick if your application won't scale well with a number of cores, that future CPUs will offer.
  • writing robust shell scripts – short article giving many hints on shell programming, that in general is problematic, since i has many details one must know/remember about.
  • Economy of uncertainty (PL) – interesting article discussing common economics approach fails constantly, a specially during crisis when it's needed the most.
  • When zombies attack! – article showing application of mathematical tools to show results of zombies epidemic on our civilization (original source).
  • ustawa o szczegolnych warunkach sprzedarzy konsumenckiej (2002.07.27) (PL) – interesting piece of polish law – it shown to be useful for me recently…
  • Forbiding payment exposure at work (PL) – interesting article clamming that in Poland there is no law base for employer to forbid workers to talk about their individual payment, which is very common practice now days.
  • Seven practices for healthier, faster software development – an interesting article from IBM giving a clue (on management level) how software development should and should not look like.
  • – article showing an alternative for CAPTCHA to prevent spamming submission forms.
  • (ENG/PL) – interesting piece of information on how do people read.
  • Martian headsets – interesting article explaining main problems in IT, on real-life examples of web browsers. if you still think that being liberal about input of your programs is good thing, start from reading this article.
  • job interviews in IT – a set of good-practice for job interviews in IT.
  • WPA on linux – small set of pieces of information that helped me with configuration of WPA on my Debian box.
  • Linux kernel userspace API – since 2.6.23 kernel there is possibility to write drivers in userspace. this is good starting point, though there is still lack of some functionality like DMA which makes it impossible to write efficient drivers for graphics, fs, etc.
  • The perils of JavaSchools – interesting article about lowering requirements for degree in computer science which effects in CS-graduated students that do not understand pointers, recursion and other basics.
  • cold boot attack – description of vulnerability of encrypted disks based on fact, that RAM memory content can be read after up to few minutes after power-off (yes - DRAM too!).
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