One man's “magic” is another man's engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.Robert Heinlein

some of my projects are listed below. hope you'll find them interesting too. :)

almost all of my projects are developed under GNU/Linux, mostly with gcc or clang – you will need these (and possibly some more) to build them.

i also use external servers for keeping repositories, with lots of projects, often not (yet) listed here, due to early stages of development. you can find me on:


some of my projects that combines software with hardware.

  • AVR Servo – multiple servo mechanism controller.
  • DNS-320 – Linux on D-link DNS-320 NAS
  • door light – micro-project of proximity sensor for LEDs light turn on.
  • T-20 EVO – Compaq EVO T-20 is thin-client PC-compatible computer without moving parts1). here is some short description how to install Linux on it.
  • TIER – mobile robot with simple mono vision system that i've made as my master thesis.
  • TIGER – new mobile robotic platform i work on.
  • USB power controller – power extension cord controlled via USB.
  • USMC – Universal Stepper Motor Controller.


software project that i do/have done.

  • beamer C++ template – easy to use presentation template, based on beamer, that makes presenting code (C++ by default) easier.
  • AxpLinCam – console tool for rotating pan/tilt AXP IP camera under linux.
  • build process – complete build process for C/C++ based projects written with Makefiles.
  • EZDlin – software for linux to flash uCs with zl5prg and zl6prg programmers.
  • LaTeX template – easy to use LaTeX template (+ some macros) for books/reports, with PDF build in Makefile.
  • system – C++ template library with some useful wrappers and helper classes.
  • team tools – collection of scripts to perform rebase and deliver operations. very useful when working in teams and on separate branches.

3d prints

projects made with 3d printer.

misc projects

very small projects (programs/devices) i've done, plus some, that do not fit in other categories.


this is section for the projects that were introduced on this site but, for some reason, are no longer maintained.

  • graphics – C++ template library for manipulating images.
  • vectors – C++ template library for manipulating multidimensional vectors.
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