this is small library for representation and basic operations on multidimensional vectors. it's written in C++ using templates.

basic concepts

the basic concept is that providing point type is definition of whole space1). point is assumed to have its dimensionality and type of values (continues, discrete, etc…).

library content

following methods and classes are available:

  • BasicTransforms – this is set of small helper functions that are often needed. note that some of them could be skipped if data were represented in other way, namely vector to/from point convertion. from mathematical point of view these concepts are equivalent, but i've decided to leave them as separate to avoid mistakes and allow to clearly express writer's intentions.
    • vector2point – performs convertion between vector and point (of the same dimensionality).
    • point2vector – converts point to vector (of the same dimensionality).
    • movePointByVector – moves point by given vector.
  • Line – representation of line between two points in given space.
  • Point – core elemen: represents point in given space.
  • Vector – representation of vector in given space.
  • Space – thing of the past. as for simply now ignore it.


here you can download Vectors library. current version is 0.1.4.

note: this is true under assumption of Euclidean space
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