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EZDlin is simple software allowing cooperation with zl5prg and zl6prg 8051 uCs programmers. hardwer can be bought from or made yourself.

this is linux equivalent for Easy-Downloader. since i don't use windows (and don't want to) and couldn't find linux soft for this, i've decided to write my own.

how to run

after dowanloading, extract it and build with make:

tar xjvf ezdlin.tar.bz2
cd ezdlin
make release

now you can run it:

cd gen/release

syntax goes as follows:

./ezdlin <dev_file> {-r|-w|-W} <io_file.bin>
parameter meaning
<dev_file> your RS232 port (usually /dev/ttyS[01])
-r read flash content to given file
-w write given file to flash
-W write given file to flash and check if writting was ok
<io_file.bin> file to read from / write to (depending on opperation mode)

program operates on binary (.bin) files. Intel hex format (.hex) is not supported.

program works well with USB↔RS232 adapters (i use one by my self).


get latest version of EZDLin via github. recent releases can be download via proper tag.

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