LCD case for Prusa i3

case for mounting electronics and LCD on Prusa i3. it uses rotary encoder with a button, a reset button, an LCD case and an SD-card holder. i used it with a panel max design, though pretty much anything can be used, as long as individual parts are compatible.

front view whole-device view zoomed-out front view back view

having electronics makes it possible to operate device without a computer. another benefit is that µC in question is a hard real-time system, opposite to a desktop PC – it makes printing more reliable.

design includes few nice features:

  • cable-guide hole – extruder and hot-end cables will no longer hook to a random parts of a printer.
  • on-top mounting – makes screen always visible. also does not require long cables and makes reading/operating convenient.
  • to-frame mounting – does not enlarge printer on XY-surface, making it easier to co-locate with other devices.
  • SD-card on a side – makes insertion/removal of a card easier.
  • prints front-donw – this ensures a bottom flat surface is always the visible one, making it all look smooth.
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