C++0x in SDJ

during my work for WCSS we made internal C++0x training for ourselves. after it was done an idea came to write all (well – most of) this down in a form of series of articles. and so me, Wojek and Mariusz decided to write series of articles. they were published in Software Developer's Journal starting with 2011.08.01.

Part 1

SDJ's cover for 2011.09


  • overview
  • a note about compilers and their support for C++0x
  • nullptr
  • generalized constant expressions
  • static assertions
  • variadic templates
  • tuples

C++0x part 1 as html

download whole magazine for free.

Part 2

SDJ's cover for 2011.10


  • initializer list
  • unified initialization
  • smart pointers
  • external templates
  • note on compilers support for (new) templates

C++0x part 2 as html

download whole magazine for free.

Part 3

SDJ's cover for 2011.11


  • rvalue-references
  • perfect forwarding

C++0x part 3 as html

download whole magazine for free.

Part 4

SDJ's cover for 2011.12

this part describes syntax and usage of lambda expressions - one of the killer features of C++11, i'd say. :)

C++0x part 4 as html

you can also download whole magazine for free.

Part 5

SDJ's cover for 2012.02

part 5 focuses on one of the biggest changes in C++11 – addition of threads support, as a part of the standard.

C++0x part 5 as html

as usually you can download whole magazine. that bad thing is the final typesetting – this time it is far worse than it was before. we (i.e. authors) again had no chance to report corrections, since we were not given the final typesetting for a review. thus i recommend you reading the HTML version, that we used internally to work on.

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