pharmacist's tincture

recipe for tincture follows – bu be careful! it's delicious! :)

what you need

  • 1kg of sugar
  • 1kg lemon
  • 1l of spirit
  • 1l of milk
  • ~5l jar (glass one)
  • some patience

how to do this

pharmacist's tincture carefully rind lemons (specially of the “white thing”, just under the yellow zest!). cut it into small cubicles and throw into a big jar. from around 1/3 of all lemons cut yellow zest (no “white” thing again!) into pieces and throw into to the jar as well. melt sugar in cold milk (np.: with blender) and add spirit, constantly blending. result of your work pour into the jar.

now close the jar hermetically and wait for at least 2 weeks (3-4 are known to be good :) ), moving it from time to time so that all of it will be mixing.

after given amount of time open the jar and filter it's content through gauze (or something similar – see the picture) and then again through coffee filter (more precise filtering).

bon appetit! :)

final remarks

when filtering you'll notice that a lot of white cream has left. this is no accident - this is white cheese indeed! :) it can be used as a base for cheesecake or eaten as-is. just notice that there is a LOT of alcohol and so you should not drive after that too! ;)

lemons parts can be left/eaten as well. they can be used ex.: for drinks.

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