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2021-09-08 - mc issue with sshfs

recenty i've dist-uprgaded my OS to debian:11 (bullseye). it went VERY smotthly – pretty much no issues. the only think i found so far is an interesting bug in mcrecent mc cannot browse sshfs-mounted filesystem. it appears to be empty, even though you can browse it perfectly fine with command line tools, GUI tools, etc…

it's also interesting how easily and nicely it can be reproduced and checked with docker!

mount a direcotry with sshfs user, say /mnt/stuff and just do:

docker run -it --rm -v /mnt/stuff:/mnt:ro debian:11
apt update
apt install -y mc
mc /mnt

..and see how it fails.

now do the same thing, with only debian version changed:

docker run -it --rm -v /mnt/stuff:/mnt:ro debian:10
apt update
apt install -y mc
mc /mnt

…and it works just fine! the funny thing is that this is just a minor version difference for mc, namely: 2.8.22 vs. 2.8.26.

i hope this will get fixed fast, as i tend to use mc + sshfs combination a lot.

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