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 +====== 2021-11-30 - programmers perspective on 3D printing is out ======
 +{{ :​blog:​2021:​11:​30:​screen_from_the_talk.jpg?​600|screen from the talk}}
 +my this year's [[https://​codedive.pl|code::​dive]] talk on 3D printing, seen from programmers perspective is finally out ({{:​docs:​3d_printing_programmers_perspective.pdf|slides}} and [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=JNMgx_casLI|recording]]). abstract follows:
 +>3D printing: programmer'​s perspective
 +>By now everyone knows 3D printing is a thing, although not that many programmers have actually gave it a shot. This is a bit strange, since having some background in programming seems like a perfect start into this world. During the talk following topics will be covered:
 +>* Basic concepts of 3D printing
 +>* Creating source code for 3D model
 +>* Slicing model in a reproducible way
 +>* Automation of processing pipeline
 +>* Creating stable SDK
 +>By the end of the talk attendees will know basics on how 3D printing pipeline works and how to setup a toolchain for it, along with a proper automation. This should be enough for any programmer to start their adventure with 3D printing, regardless if one owns a printer or will send model out to be made by 3rd party.
 +>This is an introductory talk. No prior knowledge on 3D printing, Linux and/or particular tools is required. General programming skills and common sense are enough. :)
 +have fun watching! :)
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