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 +====== 2022-07-10 - lemur'​s bobik ======
 +a friend of mine sent me a description of a [[https://​www.elektroda.pl/​rtvforum/​topic3904198.html|home-made electronic toy for a child]]. that in turn reminded me of a [[https://​github.com/​el-bart/​lemurs_bobik|Lemur'​s bobik]] -- pandemic-times project for my son, aimed at learning basics of programming.
 +{{:​blog:​2022:​07:​10:​inside.jpg?​400|robot'​s interior}}
 +to control it, you have to insert a program, by providing a predefined set of actions, similar to programming in [[wp>​Logo_(programming_language)|logo]]. available commands are:
 +  * forward
 +  * backward
 +  * turn left
 +  * turn right
 +5th button is "​start",​ that begins program execution.
 +robot was built during 1st COVID-19 lockdown in PL, so i tried to use only parts that i had available (including unipolar stepper motors from an old printer :D). this ended up in a funny mixture of SMD and THT components. there is a TODO list for addressing some of the shortcomings of the current design. my son is now also 2 years older, so i guess it would be even more fun for him now. :)
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