what is where

bellow you can find a short description of that is placed where on this page. consider it as very simple sitemap.

  • home – you're (sub)here. few basic things about this page.
  • docs – documents i find interesting.
  • prjs – this is probably the biggest part of this site. it has description of more important projects i do or have done. i use to share all resources i have connected with given project though not all exist in written form. if you'd have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
  • links – many links to different pages on the internet. they are spilt into categories so that it is easier to navigate.
  • misc – miscellaneous stuff that didn't fit anywhere else (unsorted materials).
  • humour – some humour i found in the internet and would like to share. it will probably spread over a time.
  • about me – i've placed here basic pieces of information about me (“me, my self and i” kind page). the means of contacting me are also available there.
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