Leading Corporate Institution Inc. improved delegations by providing AmEx for each employee to pay with during his/her business trip(s). the problem is that it is registered for employee him/her-self, who pays corporate expanses with it.

what does it mean? you pay, you return, you got money back from corpo.

how does it work in real life? you pay, you return, you have to prove what were your expansions (i.e. hotel, train/plane/car…) and you way. not many ppl know, starting from this point they should pray as well. the key is that IT LASTS very long time before corpo paper work is done in multiple sites, with all required signatures, blah, blah… in my case it took longer than AmEx pay deadline. this way i left with quite a few “expansions”, which weren't actually mine, but were on my name. i got over time payment to pay. so i gave it back to corpo – and surprise, surprise: sorry dude – we don't calculate over time payments! after like half an hour talk with Hun from remote location (which probably cost comparably to this over time payment, by the way…) i finally gave it up, said what do i think about it and disconnected. my luck was that money were not big (just the first day) and so were the extra cash to pay. it is not worth my health but there is an lesson for me to remember – never ever pay for company, signing it with your name. i can imagine such a problem when this would all include whole business trip over time payment penalty + probably joining the hall of un-fame and having problems with getting any founding later on, if needed.

that rainy day i failed to prove i'm not camel – there will be no second try. next time they want me on business trip they pay directly or i don't go at all. :P

Next to BajsWiki i found Jargon File today. few interesting definitions can be found there, i must say. this was the nice part of this afternoon. :)

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