2009.08.17 - gliding continued

gliding itself

glider in the sky

still flying, still in the air. :) primary gliding course approaches an end with at a speed. in few days time there will be first lone flights around club's airfield, as a summary of gained skills.

allong with the formal skills we're introduced unofficially to other pars of secret (sacred?) knowledge. today i've learned about the existence of lotne opowieści7) (see also other version8)) – flying-oriented version of probably one of the most famous polish shanty called morskie opowiesci. it somehow reminds me of another famous sond, 10 w skali beauforta and its non-censored version… ;)

bureaucracy continued

except the gliding few days ago i had a chance (a must?) to check my kinship with the camel. since i'm about to change my employer i was sent to do so called “work medicine tests”. the funny thing was that i had to do this despite of the facts that i: 1) already have exactly the same tests done for my current employer (valid still for ~3 years) 2) passed precise medical tests that confirmed my ability to fly as a pilot of a plane 3) have a driving license i had to do the tests anyhow (“just in case” i assume). bureaucracy will never stop making me wonder! tests were passed (surprise! surprise!) proving that not only i can drive a car or fly the plane, but i can also sit in front of computer. i sure they all are going to be terrified with the result - camel gens not found…

camel (from http://www.guzer.com/photo/animals/cammel_teeth.jpg)


to make this day easier see this – animals rules! :)

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