2009.09.21 - monday o' knowledge

this monday, not as casual one, started earlier at PWr – the first day of DFN, artificial intelligence presentations. this year TIER has been shown once again (3rd time in a row) as a part of the presentation. tomorrow i'll try to attach some pictures.

as every year, young ppl from many schools have been present. it was an interesting sight to see how some of them are extremely interested in artificial intelligence while others are absolutely not. once or twice i thought about shouting a bit louder asking for silence, when a thought of a day came to my mind. it is not a difficult task to make someone listen when you're pointing gun at him – key is to present knowledge the way others will wont to listen to it by them self. i think this is one of a golden rules of education – test to check who may present knowledge and propagate it to people – be a fountain of knowledge, instead of cistern. it's special case of what Indira Gandhi said: “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”.

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