2009.09.22 - TIER and DFN

this year, as in 3 recent years in a row, TIER robot has been presented as a part of artificial intelligence lectures on DFN. not as every year, today i had an unique chance to see it… on a poster of this year's sessions! :) during last year's lectures a guy with professional camera was doing pictures during some parts of our presentations. i wasn't aware that side-effect-of-my-master-thesis was on more than just guy's hard drive. any way it was nice to see. in a way it is a good motivation to build new robot. maybe TIGER will finally be more than just a set of parts on my desk. it waits for about 2 years to be completed now - about time to finish i guess… ;)

here are some of the pictures taken during this year's session. :)

TIER track macro TIER in action TIER on poster

TIER during festival TIER poster at C-13 building entry we, the TIER and the poster :)

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