2009.09.23 - Choya

0.5l bottle of Choya while being on a business trip in Munich, Germany, at the first half of the year along with a friend of mine – Marcin – we had a chance to eat in orient restaurants quite a few times. especially one still visits my mind – it name was Wok'n'Roll. except nice food and 'all you can eat' offer they served small apéritif too. it was incredibly delicious wine (note: in general i don't like wines!), served with crushed ice on the top, which i always forgot to ask the name of… until few days ago. with my family we went for a supper to a Japanese restaurant. we met there two girls that just few minutes ago were explaining us how to get there. they were drinking wine of known to me color, with typical, crushed ice floating on the top – they said they recommend it very much.

it couldn't any be better – i immediately asked waiter to have one glass, and to write down the name of it on a piece of paper. when order was given, with my sister we went to nearby wine shop and bought 3 bottles straight away (only 3 were left): one for me, one for grandparents (they like wine a lot – let them try it too! :)) and one for Marcin.

it is really amazing how coincidents can for a whole new quality! as en ex-corporate employee i can say it's a real, true synergy in pure form. :)

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