2009.10.21 - Tatry mountains trip

last weekend with 3 friends, using accidental proximity of Kraków, we took a trip to Tatry mountains to see the very first snow this year. the usual thing is that mountains gave me incredible impression – the key is that it was absolutely amazing to see winter mixed with fall at the same place. this year's snow felt so rapidly and so soon that leafs did not managed to all fall from the tries, making it incredible view of tries hidden in the snow, which in turn was covered with colorful leafs! and the air… the mountain air, on a bit below zero temperature… you feel like on a different planet, where there are no cars, no pollution, no traffic… we all become different people when entering such a places. during this trip i though came through my mind – “bartek – your home”.

i don't know yet when, but i want to go back there the very first time i'll have a chance to do so.

Dolina Kościeliska snow passage winter and fall mixed winter-fall alley

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