2009.10.29 - software that can survive an encounter with users

i've just came across interesting article on Joel On Software. i raises once more thing i had a chance to talk through many times before – program of studies, with a lot of theory and little real-world practice. don't get me wrong – i DO like theory and i thing it is very important, because tools change and basic concepts remains. the key is that resigning from real-world practice is a terrible mistake.

since i've graduated recently my self i know this from own experience. if not over 1.5 year of work experience in IT during studies and deep interest in linux i'd came out of one of the best polish technical (!) universities seeing VCS once in my life and writing just few non-windows programs/scripts.

as for now solution is just once – never let your schooling interfere with your education (Mark Twain). during your studies time you'll have a chance to learn many interesting things, but this is about half the knowledge you should have by that time. rest you need to gain by yourself, sometimes doing this on a cost of your “official” assignment(s), but this is good and this is just you doing your dreams and preparing for the future.

article that inspired this short note can be found here.

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