2010.04.29 - mountains of spring

last weekend – the longer one, since it lasted 4 days – i went to walk though Karkonosze mountains again. this time i had last breaths of winter mixed with first greening of spring. there were parts covered with knee-deep snow, there was mud and finally there were green meadow up there, high…

it is even more interesting since temperature was all the time between 2 and 5 deg. Celsius, but sunny (though sometimes really windy) and so most of the trip (light) blouse was just the perfect dressing. just few days after this trip (i.e. today) we have “t-shirt weather” in Wrocław. the spring is here! :)

below are few pictures from this trip. click them to see bigger image.

yellow track - up the hill snow is still deep here edge is close smiling to the spring sun far view... the space... the mountains... yellow track in the woods the view - perfect place for a stop brook sunset near 'Dom Śląski' morning - up the hill to reach Śnieżka ...and down if not spring than what? :) at dawn he walk sun at dawn - it was worth getting up early

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