2010.05.20 - brush bots - 3rd edition

this year there was third edition of brush bot races for students, organized by Maciek Huk. there were 5 robots, one of them build by female student from electronics – nice that we're not the only one having fun with creating robots. :)

here are some pictures made on this year's edition. clink on the picture to enlarge it.

robots starting this year:

robot 1 robot 2 robot 3 - last year's winner robot 4 robot 5

some pictures from races and the final:

slalom slalom ball moving authors of the robots they were not only moving around :) last picture taken - all participants

another interesting thing is that brush bots races will be present on this year's Dolnośląski Festiwal Nauki (aka: DFN). but this time, for robots made by candidates to universities.

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