2010.06.28 - Izerskie and Sowie

just after cruise on Mazury i hade few more days off and so i went to visit Izerskie Mountains. sunny weather and nice views… and so new pictures arrive. :)

Izerskie 1 Izerskie 2 Izerskie 3 Izerskie 4 Izerskie 5 Izerskie 6 Izerskie 7 Izerskie 8

yesterday i had a chance to come to a one-day mountain trip to Sowie Mountains. it was interesting that there were 5 of us (Wojtek, Bartek, Grzesiek, Łukasz and me): 2 on bikes and 3 on foot… and with kite. :)

Grzesiek also managed to make second picture in my life, that i look quite normal on! Grzesiek - you're great master of photography! ;)

Sowie 1 / by Grzesiek Sowie 2 / by Grzesiek Sowie 3 Sowie 4 (me - sweet! ;)) / by Grzesiek Sowie 5 Sowie 6 Sowie 7

…and how can someone not love mountain trips? :)

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