2010.09.09 - growing up in the universe

Richard Dawkins during one of the christmas lectures (taken from http://www.digitaljournal.com/img/1/5/1/7/7/5/i/4/7/4/o/Richard_Dawkins_-_Bombardier_beetle.jpg) recently a friend of mine, sent me interesting link – christmas lectures of Richard Dawkins1): growing up in the universe (lectures took place in 1991).

this is the “evolution explained”, in the details, with many the examples. since it is all in simple language, that could be understand by anyone, i think children would be the great audience. it's the simplicity combined with knowledge, making it interesting for the whole family to see – children can learn the basics while adults, that are already familiar with Darwin's theory, can see interesting examples how does it work, taken from real-world.

enjoy! :)

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