2010.01.30 - white mountains

the winter has come this year the big way. i always loved winter, snow and all the corresponding views associated with it. since few years i complained about lack of snow, lack of cold, etc… this year i must say i feel satisfied – it is snowing since few weeks, temperature is (way!) below freezing point and so it is nice outside, it is white everywhere… it is just beautiful! just the way it should be every winter! :)

i've already done some sledging. to enjoy “the white time” even more i've decided to do a little mountain traveling. the view was truly delightful! if you do have some time just see the mountains covered in snow every way you look! :) see some pictures yourself (clink on the image to enlarge it).

snowy trees snow blizzard near mountain hostel white morning someone's been here :) snowy track

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