2011.01.28 - trip to Srebrna Góra

last weekend, along with some friends, we went on a trip to Srebrna Góra and nearby hills. trip was very nice, with a good views, thanks to the weather (despite what weather forecasters imagined) – almost all afternoon was sunny the first day. the plan was to see muflons – and we made it! :)

the second one we had beautiful snow falling from the sky. we went to visit donjon (fortification), near the place we stopped for the night. you can visit donjon's web site to see some details. notice nice winter gallery – and the cosset we met in the tavern, near the entrance. i think we became friends with that kitten… ;)

bellow are some pictures – hope to repeat that one soon! :)

on the road the bridge donjon's main square in the snow on the bridge (crossable one) sun is going low hello down there :) the bridge - down side in to the wild... ;) donjon's abandoned surroundings checking the path muflons on the horizon captain! almost sunset frozen-fall :) entrance to the donjon from the roof

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