2011.05.26 - distributed tomorrow

distributed and parallel (image tahen from http://blog.xeround.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Matrix-code.jpg) i've already wrote few times on multicore CPUs, parallel programming and other issues with threads and processes. cloud computing is becoming more and more popular. SaaS is quite established term as well. few days ago i came across distributed money. it appears that world of tomorrow is going to be distributed and parallel, without central points. with SaaS we have resources not tided to any particular physical place (that is: for usage). all of this is a huge revolution in thinking. from time to time i see how people 20-40 years older than me have problems with modern electronic and information world. at the moment we're one the edge of next revolution in thinking about technologies. i wonder what my grandchildren will surprise me with after the next 40 years. whatever it's going to be, sure ain't be boring… :)

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