2012.01.19 - base hardware

TL-WR703N hardware (image taken from http://dev.wlan-si.net/raw-attachment/wiki/Routers/TP-LINK/WR703N/TL-WR703N_naked_in_hand.jpg)

few days ago i've ordered very small router with integrated WiFi. not that i needed new router - its just the price/functionality factor. just take a look at the TL-WR703N's parameters. when you strip it from its casing you'll see nice, small piece of hardware (image to the right). USB 2.0, Ethernet 100Mbps, WiFi/n… and it all comes for ~22$, with free shipping. looks nice - we'll see what can be done with it, when it finally arrives. :)

being happy, waiting, and browsing i came along another interesting project - Raspberry Pi board. this in turn is a 25$, ARM board. it has enough computational power (along with GPU) to play BluRay movies. all powered with micro USB or 4xAA.

there is one more nice feature of goth devices - very low power consumption! when it comes to that, Intel's x86* family is still far behind (also counting Atom CPUs). wojek recalled recently Total Annihilation and its ARM vs. Core conflict. looks like it came true, though not that literally as in the game… ;)

as i've said many times before - we live in an interesting times… :)

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