2012.01.20 - SOPA, PIPA, ACTA...


there is a lot of discussion on SOPA and PIPA – the open doors for internet censorship. this directly influence USA, though in a way gives a green light to the governments of other countries. mean while, i just found out, that on the local (i.e. European) grounds ACTA is going to be signed by my own country on the 26th of january this year! in a very few days…

after acceptance of the Patriot Act in the USA in 2001 i was shocked, that such a radical freedom restriction can be accepted by citizens. looks like it was just the beginning of freedom cutting down project. having all this in mind, idea of launching private communication satellites sounds better and better. it may appear that quite soon Russia or China will become the best place to live, after all.

one more thing that bothers me is the possibility that government of the USA can actually introduce such a right as a (poor) countermeasure to rapid knowledge transfer.

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