2012.06.20 - back from Mazury

few days ago we came back from annual trip to Mazury, the great polish lakes. nearly two weeks on the water – sailing, eating and slipping, while the floor floats constantly. not a surprise most got land sickness, when took off the boat. ;)

this year we sailed over 300 kilometers (sorry – over 160 nautical miles, i meant ;)). although it was not so windy as last year, weather was overally good.

the nice (and promising!) thing i've noticed this year is the cleanliness of the lakes. 30 or 40 years ago there was no industrial water treatment in many cities at Mazury, which caused terrible pollution of the water. this year we had a chance to see crayfish as well as bivalves. when swimming, one could see own feet beneath the surface.taking care of our environment does pay. :)

sunset at Wierzba clouds, cane, water... wind in the sails the boat in the afternoon sun afternoon at the Ognisty Ptak sunset at the harbor sunset far away... the harbor bay at Zielony Gaj day's not over sunset on the boat, at Zielony Gaj

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