2012.07.19 - USB power controller note

device's control board view ppl are lazy. that is good, since this is the force that pushes us forward. recently i've noticed few devices, on by desk and beneath it, that require ~230V power supply, but i'm too lazy to plug them in and out every time i need them. besides there are times, when it is nice to be able to turn them on/off from script-level. and this is where idea came…

there are USB-plugged power extension cords available in the wild. there are even ethernet controlled ones. there are problem with both, however. “USB-plugged” devices have only one mode of operation – turn-all-when-pc-starts. nice, but does not do the thick for me. ethernet-based solutions, on the other hand, are expensive – they start from about 500PLN (about 120EUR).

after some work and testing i've just published my recent project – controlled power extension cord. total cost of the device, using retail prices, is about 150PLN (price includes power cord for over 80PLN). most of the costs are relays (11PLN each) and USB connection IC (14PLN).

hope you'll fine the project interesting. :)

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