2012.11.07 - ISO C++ portal

ISO C++ homepage - logo an interesting site has recently appeared on the internet – isocpp.org. yes – this is C++'s standard page! after years! it is there. the most important news, interesting trainings, books, articles… and The C++ Programming Language book, by Bjarne Stroustrup (i.e. new edition, featuring C++11), is to be published in the matter of months.

another interesting news is we'll see a new C++ standard in about 2 years time1). in a mean time we can expect 3 technical specifications. even more interesting times are ahead of us! :)

EDIT (20:47):
there is a great talk available on channel 9 about the future of C++, by Herb Sutter.

standarization will take some time too, so C++14 is to be expected
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