2013.02.10 - via neural interface

work in zero gravity (picture taken from http://www.unifiedrepublicofstars.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DanBurbank.jpg) yesterday at night, wile doing some scripting, i had a chat with a friend, who's about to visit an oculist, due to spending too much time in front of computer(s). since my eyes were already tired i just though how nice would it be to have a neural-computer interface operational, so that you could I/O with any machine w/o a need to use eyes nor any muscle. you could just plug yourself in, close eyes, lay down and enjoy the pure information stream. even if your tired for this, you can still disconnect and have eyes not tired and fully operational to do other things. and what if lying is not convenient enough? well – imagine doing the same, but in a zero gravity…

just for the record – there are solutions that do muscle impulses reading or even brain wave readings, to perform certain tasks. muscle reading already works fine, if you like to move. :) it's a bit worse when talking about the brainwaves. though you can even buy some basic devices to do that, its still more of a research quality, than the real alternative for screen and keyboard. we still need to wait – hopefully not to long… :)

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