2013.11.20 - new door light


after creating first version of door light (on my girlfriend's request ;)) we have used v1.0.0 for some time. it was overall nice, though had few missing features. first thing was that it just turned on and off the light, so when you searched for it in the dark, looking at read position signaling diode, waved your hand around… a sudden flash of light stroke your eyes. new version (v2.0.0) now uses PWM to dim-in lights. another thing was turning off without any warning. this was a bit of annoying, when you wanted to keep it on for a bit longer (say: signing some documents for mailman). since this release, prior to turning off device dims-out lights, so you can notice it is going to turn off and have few seconds to restart the counter, if you want. also the concept of work and location changed. now whole device is outside, glued to the wall, next to main LEDs. thanks to this there are just 2 cables that need to go from the inside (power). since the device is now made using SMD components solely, rear side of the board is completely flat! :)

device operating on the outside a flat

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