2014-07-10 - ted(x) is real

TEDx Wrocław last weekend, on aturday the 5th to be exact, i had an honor to take a part of the TEDx Wrocław 2014 conference, as a speaker. i presented a talk “we live in fascinating times”, explaining how amazing technologies made it to your daily lives, without us even noticing they're there. i got a lot of positive feedback from ppl in the conference, after the show, so i guess it went smooth out there… ;) when recordings will be published, i'll post a link. frankly speaking i'm eager to watch it myself - whenever you watch your presentation from a listener's point of view, you always learn new tricks – especially thous tricks you should forget ASAP. ;)

another interesting fact is the organization and organizers themselves. i was shocked with the level of professionalism the event was prepared with. this was way above my expectations: professional speakers, theater scene with professional lighting, dedicated video and photography crew recording everything, dedicated people for audio equipment… you simply could not expect more even from the event… which was in fact international, as speakers from few different countries have arrived.

but technical preparation of the hall was not all. this was all done by ppl – they hard work and dedication made it real. i personally owe special thanks especially to Michał Kasprzyk (the main organizer) and Rafał Motriuk (the event's host). your advices, remarks and notes were of a great value to me and helped make my part of the show a better one. thanks for everything – you're the best! :)

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