2014-08-21 - payments account has been changed

at the beginning of the previous month i got a letter from my electric energy provider, stating that my personal account for doing payments has been changed and that i should pay money on a different account from now on. my reaction was simple – scam? there was no previous information and the information arrived on a piece of paper, in a letter, everyone could have prepared using a home printer and sent. i wrote to company's service desk asking them co confirm what is my new back account, explaining the weird situation and providing my client details, to make this easy for them to find me in their database.

yesterday i received an @ confirmation that my request has been filed. today i got the response. i was enough to wait 1.5 month – how clever! the interesting part of the response was: “as we noticed some people are changing bank account details on others' bills, therefor we'd like to inform, that your bank account details are blablabla”. i was deeply touched by the idea – they finally realized! great, if the problem would have been identified before and proper precautions were taken. responding after over 40 days is a joke. despite the responsiveness itself, most ppl probably have done their payments by that time…

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