2017-01-20 - on software testing

i've noticed many developers have vastly different attitude towards testers. in the past i've heard at least a few times comments like: “i don't talk with them”, “these guys who did not make it to become developers”, “if they were smart enough, they'd develop code, instead of testing it”, etc…

what is my opinion? IMHO it's about a different skill set – i know many developers would really be terrible testers. if i was to sum up cooperation between developers and testers, from developer's perspective, i'd say this:

tester is a person who bothers you during office hours, so that you don’t get bothered outside the office hours.

think about it next you get a bug report, from internal testing phase. what would it be like to get the same report from “the client”, in the middle of the night? :) good tester is the best friend, developer can have. :)

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