2017-02-11 - emBO++

this year conferencing session begin quite early. ;) next week i'll be giving a talk on emBO++ embedded C++ conference in Bochum, Germany.

emBO++ logo

this time i'll be talking about “C++ vs. C”, from the embedded perspective, using latest, state of the art, tools. the talk description follows:

C is commonly “known to be the best choice for embedded”. Many embedded developers consider C++ to be generally slower and generating larger binaries… but is it really so? During the presentation series of case studies will be presented and measured in order to check out how things really are. Knowing how tools work allows to understand our software better.

The presentation is targeted to C and C++ developers. In-depth knowledge of embedded development is not required to understand the content. Basic knowledge of how C and C++ work is welcomed.

see you there! :)

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