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 +====== 2017-09-20 - code::dive talk ======
 +{{ :​blog:​2017:​09:​20:​code_dive_logo.png?​300|code::​dive logo}}
 +yet again this year i'll be a speaker at [[http://​codedive.pl|code::​dive]] conference, held in [[wp>​Wrocław]],​ in mid November. this time the presentation is about [[http://​codedive.pl/​index/​speaker/​name/​bartosz-szurgot|structured logging]]. here's the abstract:
 +> Presentation focuses on a subject of logging system activity, from programmers'​ perspective.
 +> It turns out that such a “simple and obvious” activity is often done in a way, that does not fit well into big-data-scale of systems we're developing nowadays.
 +> During the talk, an alternative approach for gathering logs will be discussed -- one that allows not only having an intuitive API, but also usable logs at the end.
 +> Both concept (generally applicable) and an actual implementation (C++) will be presented.
 +> The goal of the presentation is to trigger a change in how developers think about logging and processing logged data.
 +see you there! :)
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