2019-12-31 back in black (almost)

this has been a busy year almost two years. it has also been a while since last blog entry was posted. just a quick summary: i ain't dead – just my time has been EXTREMELY overbooked… ;) while mostly with private life, it was not the only thing around. even though i had absolutely no time to blog/post anything as it happened, i did collect quite a suite of TODOs/thoughts that i plan to share.

while am now slowly getting “back in black” in terms of free time, i plan to finally start doing things that are “stacked” for many months… and sometimes even over a year now. this will have to multiplex with other projects i've been working on or wanted to work on in last 1.5 years, so do not expect a sudden flood of posts… yet. ;) i just hope to slowly, but steadily get back to my usual I/O performance. ;)

stay tuned… and enjoy a new year's eve! :)

btw: a friend of mine recently shared with me an interesting series on systematic classification of life – evolution of life on Earth explained, with examples dating back to first organisms, known to exist on our planet. taking into consideration that around 99% of all, ever existing spices are now (long) gone, there is quite a variety of life forms to observe evolving over millions of years. very interesting material, cut into 8-12 minutes episodes, thus very easy to watch “in a mean time”. :)

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