2020-01-03 - year of cyberpunk

cyberpunk 2020 book cover

…and so be it – we have 2020! a year where cyberpunk 2020 is supposed to take place! :) even though the concept was based on a fairly reasonable assumptions (1988 perspective)… fortunately we're not even remotely close to the world described there. especially in terms of street violence. things rolled out just vastly different.

that's the thing about predictions. human beings are generally not good at it. most commonly we just approximate what we have/see now and assume the trend will continue over time. first time i've noticed how shortsighted it is was around highshool times, when i got a driving license. back at that time oil was at around 1.50 PLN and it was raising. when it reached around 2.00 PLN it was predicted that if it hits 2.50 zl we're expected at least nation-wide, if not world-wide crisis. well – it's almost 20 years later, oil is now around 5.00 PLN and looks like no1 gives a damn about it. looks like sometimes a mispredicion is a good news after all… ;)

btw: CD Projekt Red is about to release Cyberpunk 2077 RPG mid-april. no linux port is announced, so i guess i won't have a chance to give it a shot (dual meaning accidental)… just wonder if this will stand up to the expectations. i always have a mixed feelings regarding titles that have ports to gaming consoles, but let's just wait and see what 2020 will actually bring…

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