2020-05-28 - pandemic and open-space offices

open space office

i, as probably most of ppl reading this blog, work from home. for a couple of months now… and simply love it, btw! going back to the office is not going to be easy i suppose…

anyway – covid-19 situation seems to be slowly normalizing in many parts of the world. in Germany employees are already going back to the offices, though in a shifts (50% on one day, 50% on the other). i wonder how this will look like in Poland, where vast majority of offices are open-spaces, nowadays. as you may know i never loved open space offices. now there is another reason to be worried. in such a densely packed space, where often you need to pardon someone just to pass by, keeping 2m physical distance is going to be next to impossible. i wonder how this will be addressed by different companies, when employees will be called back to their offices.

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