2020-09-19 - bladder-bounded meeting

recently at work i was hosting a fairly long meeting – 3h straight. agenda was heavily packed with topics. around the end of the meeting, as a last point in the agenda, i've asked for a feedback. one of the attendees mentioned “thank you for including 10 minutes break in the agenda – i wish more would ppl do that”. ;) fair point.

i used the opportunity to mention one of the old ideas i had – if you have a meeting and suspect some ppl may prolong it unnecessary, set a rule that everyone must drink 1l of water at the meeting start. you know – cameras on and 3… 2… 1… off we go! if there is some1 who is extremely talkative, make it 1.5l for him/her. this way length of the meeting will be bounded by bladder volume and you can be sure it will end on time, without unnecessary due! ;)

that's theory. now need a PoC. ;)

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