2020-09-19 - cloud-free devices


computer cloud environments are great for many things. however buying device that's key functionality is available via provider's cloud only is not. yes, this links to my recent post on IoT. when you have such a device (eg. vacuum cleaner robot) there are couple of things to keep in mind here:

  1. privacy. you send out your data to god-knows-who and have no control over it.
  2. security. 3rd party now has:
    1. network-connected device, in your private WiFi/LAN. think: eavesdropping, MitM, botnets.
    2. ability to gather any sensor data, at will, at anytime (eg. vacuum cleaner robot with a camera / mic, voice assistants, etc…).
  3. companies do go bankrupt.
  4. companies can overnight switch to premium-tier only, forcing you to pay monthly fee for using a device “you own”.
  5. companies can end supporting "legacy" product leaving you with effectively dead device.

there is a big financial trouble with sustaining operations when model relies on customers buying HW, and using the money to offer free services. markets tend to saturate and cash flow suddenly start to decrease.

another thing is, that even with all the best intents of the company, they still can get hacked and you'll be a victim. see all the attacks options above. these can be carried out by some1 who gains access to company servers.

after giving it a thought i decided i'll never buy any such device. it just does not make sense to me.

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