2020-12-31 - back to covid thingy


sooo… still in COVID-19 pandemic situation. in PL there is a curfew on new year's eve, between 19:00 and 7:00. yet another thing this year we'll be doing remotely. ;)

one pretty late news is zrozumieć COVID-19: opracowanie PAN" has been published (PL only – sorry). it is a very interesting reading on state of the art knowledge about the virus and its spread throughout PL and the world. published in mid-september, thus shortly before pandemic got totally wild in PL. busts some myths, presents reliable sources of information and tons of links.

the good news is that now we do have a vaccine against the covid-19. the way it works is amazing – it has been developed with methods that one have never heard of during a biology lesions in high school. really breath taking, if you ask me. not only because we manged to develop, test and start to distribute totally new vaccine in under a year since 1st cases ware discovered. IMHO it also gives high hopes for similarly rapid developments in case anything new is found in next years. even though it is a bit problematic in storage and transportation, as the vaccine requires -80*C and thus special, 2-stage fridges, that are not a commonplace, it is still a breakthrough moment in fighting a virus… and a novel glass vials used to contain it as just an icing on a cake, for an engineer. :)

stay safe and see/hear you next year!

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