2021-01-31 - how to speak

Patrick Winston presenting

a friend of mine last year has sent me loads of very interesting materials around learning topic (thanks Tomek! yes – i will reply once i'm done with the content :)). while i'm still processing it (loads of videos + many books!) today i came through how to speak by Patrick Winston. i was really happy to learn that some of the things i've discovered long my speaker path, are actually meaningful and useful for the audience. but i was even happier to learn how many mistakes and bad content i made. not that i'm proud of any of these, but it's good to know what are the pain points i should focus on.

i did have a couple years pause / off from presenting at conferences. i hope this year i'll again be able to find some time to give a talk or two (i have quite a backlog of ideas already). Patrick Winston's was a great addition to my knowledge and also inspiration. to see him presenting was to understand how much field for improvement is still there. i think he is one of the best speakers i have ever seen. kudos!

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