2021-04-20 - right to repair

right to repair is EU act that requires manufacturers to make it possible to repair their product for at least 10 years. and it is binding starting 2021-04-01!

there are of course some caveats to this: it only applies to a certain appliances (dishwashers, fridges, and couple more) and parts are to be made available for professional repair companies (not necessary for everyone interested). it is still a good news, though. after planned obsolescence started to produce so much junk, we can now see EU governments accepting the challenge to change it. since acceptance of act to require labeling of expected lifetime and ease to repair it will inevitably move towards more and more devices over time.

hopefully it will include smartphones, too. despite possible issues with failing HW, actually SW is a big issue, too. producer can pull the plug from providing support for your device basically anytime. since it means no more security updates, it basically renders device useless for practical usages in XXI century. while there are alternative ROMs out there, these are typically very limited in number of supported models, thus there is a very good chance your phone will not be supported. in fact, as we speak, i'm switching my girlfriend to a newer phone for precisely that reason. so we'll be putting on the shelve perfectly fine, working and capable phone, just because there is no way to reasonably use it anymore. it does not have to be this way… and it shouldn't.

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