2021-07-21 - podcasts

recently a fiend of mine asked me about some good podcasts, i could recommend. so i thought it's a good chance to spread the word and share some of my favorites here as well. hope you'll enjoy it, too! :)

  • Lex Fridman podcast – previously known as “artificial intelligence podcast with Lex Fridman”. it's set of long interviews with man of science, mostly focused around AI, seen as a human endeavor to better understand a human mind and create something with capabilities beyond what we, humans can do ourselves. i find it both interesting and extremely inspiring.
  • the meltzone – podcast on 3D printing by Stefan Hermann (CNC kitchen) and Thomas Sanladerer
  • hackaday podcast – weekly podcast where hackaday editors talk through the most interesting articles/news of the week. great summary of what's up in geeky hackaday community… and the world, as we hack it. :D
  • a podcast of unnecessary detailSteve Mould and the team, talking about different topics, from different angles… in a lot of unnecessary detail. ;) interesting and funny/entertaining at the same time.
  • 13 minutes to the moon – a great and detailed tale of Apollo program, especially Apollo 11 (episode 1) and Apollo 13 (episode 2).
  • Sean Carroll's mindscape – interviews on science, ideas, philosophy and more. if you liked Lex Fridman podcast, you'll probably enjoy this one as well.

there are also a couple more i have on a TODO list and/or just recently started to try out. i guess i'll publish some update once i go through these. :)

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