2022-04-06 - deep work

been a while since last blog post, so i'd like to catch up a bit. once again i'd like to recommend Lex Fridman's podcast. this time an episode on deep work. the concept of deep work is “simple” – reserve big time junks, where you work on a given topic and do not get distracted by e-mails, chat messages, phone calls and (most importantly) social media. it's just you and task at hand.

after listening to all of that i realized, that this is exactly how i was working as a student and throughout most private projects. the moment where it became next to impossible, was when i started to work for big companies. i remember well the transition from working in small rooms of 2-5 ppl to “open spaces”. in a small room it was distracting when some1 had a teleconference… but that's about it. when transited to “open spaces” it became a nightmare of always having some on a telco, sitting no more than a few meters from you. amount of distractions there was always a tough challenge for me.

now another shift was made, due to COVID-19. during this short period most IT companies switched to remote working. once again i now have small office (i.e. 1-person). e-mail notifications are off. every now and then IM client is switched to DND mode… and i am able to work once again. with a recent change of company i am now officially working 100% remotely. COVID-19 or not, deep work is here to stay! :D

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