2022-05-29 - test your page with no javascript

some time ago i was contacted by a software house – the usual “come work for us” stuff you get loads of at linked-in. i do note remember details at this points, however there was sth interesting enough in there, for me to check out their homepage. when it opened, i saw a huge marketing screen, that looked like this:

no JS -- counters on the page

so… they company has zero years of experience, no experts on board and no development whatsoever. cool.

RCA? i have javascript disabled for all pages by default (#cybersec #privacy). the above counters were animated in javascript, so in order to show anything, JS had to be enabled. when it was not… well – it looked funny, to say it lightly. ;) it's astounding how many pages silently relay on JS just being there. funny enough, it doe not seem even to be a test case for pages all too often.

not testing stuff at your own risk – you know the drill… ;)

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