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 +====== 2022-07-12 - starlink maritime ======
 +some time ago i wrote about [[:​blog:​2020:​08:​29:​2020-08-29_-_awaiting_starlink|how i cannot wait for starlink]] to become a thing. then [[:​blog:​2021:​08:​11:​2021-08-11_-_starlink_antennas|first notes on a teardown]] with major drawbacks for it being:
 +  * physically big
 +  * eating up a lot of power (100W)
 +  * being geofenced to a given location
 +looks like the 1st step towards getting rid of the last point has now been made. [[https://​www.starlink.com/​maritime|starlink maritime]] is now launched! :D you can now have a starlink antenna on a boat! :) fixing world -- one step at a time... :)
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